How To Order provides an efficient and easy way to place and process an order on our website. Here are some simple instructions to guide you when placing an order:



Step 1: Look For Your Product

The first step is locating the product you want to purchase. You can look for the product you want from any of our featured products from the left-hand menu. By clicking on the product you will receive comprehensive information and purchase. 


Step 2: Add Product to Shopping Cart

You may add a particular medication to the shopping cart by clicking on the "Order Now" button on each product page. You may also update or remove a medication from your shopping cart at any time, by clicking the cart icon, located in the upper left hand corner, of any page of our website.


Step 3: Checkout

Once you have finished adding products to your shopping cart, you may simply click on the Checkout button. The checkout process requires you to provide your shipping anddetails and choose your payment option.


Step 4: Log in or Sign Up

If you are a registered user, or you have ordered before, log in to your existing account, or sign up for a new account. This will let you manage your personal information, change your password and view all your orders.


Step 5: Order Confirmation

After submitting your transaction you will receive an email confirming that the order was received. It does NOT mean that the transaction was approved. In case the payment is declined, or we need further identification ( f.e.  shipping details verification) we will be contacting you by phone or email as soon as possible.


Step 6: Shipping Confirmation

Once the payment transaction is approved and the order is sent, you will receive a second email confirming this. 







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