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Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) is an antiretroviral medicine, which belongs to the class of Protease Inhibitors. It inhibits the protease enzyme of the HIV-virus from manufacturing new virus DNA and, by doing so, prevents the virus from multiplying and spreading. In combination with other anti-HIV medication, Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) helps treat the virus, restores your quality of life and prevents HIV-related complications.


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Manufacturer: Cipla
Brand Name: Norvir, Ritomune

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  • Slows down the progress of HIV-infection and prevents the virus from infecting healthy cells
  • Restores quality of life of HIV-positive patients
  • Helps prevent HIV-related complications
  • The only Protease Inhibitor to have a proven positive effect on survival rates
  • Can be used as a treatment for children


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How does Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) work?

Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) is an antiretroviral medicine, which belongs to the class of Protease Inhibitors. Protease is a collective name for the enzymes in the body responsible for creating new structural proteins and enzymes. The protease enzymes specific to the HIV-virus create new virus DNA and, by doing this, are responsible for the infection of healthy cells and the spread of the virus. The task of Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) is to prevent this protease from working properly, which results in the formation of defective virus cells that are unable to infect healthy cells. As a result, the amount of cells infected with the HIV-virus decreases.


Will Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) prevent me from transmitting HIV while having sex?

Taking Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) will not protect you against infection with the HIV-virus through sexual intercourse. Instead, talk to your doctor about safe methods of preventing HIV transmission, such as using a condom and spermicide.


Is it safe to take Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) while pregnant or breasfeeding?

Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) is classed as Pregnancy Category B by the FDA, which means it is not expected to be harmful to an unborn baby. However, HIV can be passed to a fetus if not treated correctly during pregnancy. Make sure you take all your medication properly if you are pregnant. Also inform your doctor before taking Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant during treatment.


Women suffering from HIV or AIDS should not breastfeed. Even if a baby is born without HIV, the virus may be passed to a nursing infant through breast milk.


Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) can make hormonal birth control (such as birth control pills or patches) less effective. Discuss the possibilities of non-hormonal methods of birth control (e.g. condom, diaphragm) with your doctor to prevent pregnancy while taking this medication.


Can I drink alcohol while taking Generic Norvir (Ritonavir)?

Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) contains alcohol. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages while taking this medication, as this may put unnecessary strain on the liver or increase some of this medication’s side effects.


What is the recommended dosage of Generic Norvir (Ritonavir)?

The recommended dose of Generic Norvir (Ritonavir) for adults is 600 mg twice daily. To reduce the occurrence of side effects, treatment with this medication should start at 300 mg twice a day and increased every 2-3 days by 100 mg twice daily.


The recommended dose for children is based on their weight and height. On average, children should receive 400 mg/m2 two times a day, but no more than 600 mg two times a day. Treatment should be started at 250 mg/m2 and increased every 2-3 days by 50 mg/m2 two times daily.


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