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Low sperm count or Oligospermia is one of the main causes of male infertility. Having difficulty fathering a child can be very psychologically damaging for men and there are not many solutions available yet to treat this frustrating condition. There is hope, however. Speman consists of an exclusive blend of Indian herbs, that have been traditionally valued as aphrodisiacs for thousands of years. This revolutionary combination of ingredients will give you the best chance of regaining fertility by improving sperm count and mobility and reducing prostate enlargement, which is often responsible for constricting sperm movement. And the best thing is...these pills work in a 100% natural manner. Speman is the best and healthiest way to finally make your family complete.

Manufacturer: Himalaya Herbals
Brand Name: Speman

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  • Increases sperm count up to 8-10 times
  • Helps reduce enlarged prostate to facilitate urination and sperm movement
  • Improves the quality and mobility of semen
  • Consists of 100% natural ingredients
  • Increases male virility


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How does Speman work?

Speman consists of a blend of natural, Indian herbs renowned as aphrodisiacs and for their sexual enhancement properties. They are said to rejuvenate the entire reproductive system, resulting in an improvement of male libido and sexual stamina, an increase in sperm count and mobility and an increase in the production of testosterone. Furthermore, Speman can help relieve the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and reduce enlarged prostates. This frees up the urethra, allowing for easier urination and better sperm movement.


Can I also take Speman to treat erectile dysfunction?

Yes, apart from helping with low sperm count, Speman has proven efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction, low male libido and premature ejaculation.


What are the advantages of herbal medication like Speman as opposed to conventional pills?

Conventional pills may lead to a host of possible negative side effects. In addition, they can be very expensive. Speman tablets are much cheaper and because they use all-natural ingredients to tackle low sperm count they only have a few potential side effects, which are pretty mild in comparison.


What is the recommended dosage of Speman?

The usually recommended starting dosage of Speman is 2-3 tablets, taken once daily or spread out over 2 dosages per day. You can expect this dosage to decrease over time, as prescribed by your doctor or natural healthcare practicioner.


Will I obtain better results if I take more than the recommended dosage of Speman?

No, by taking more than the recommended dosage of Speman you will not necessarily obtain better results and taking a larger dose may also lead to adverse side effects. Even though herbal medication is much safer than traditional pills, you should still not consume larger than average quantities.


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